7 Weird Facts About Crocodiles

As far as deadly reptiles go, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who wasn’t afraid of crocodiles. These prehistoric monsters have been on the planet a lot longer than human beings and have evolved over time to become the perfect killing machine. Everybody knows how powerful these creatures are, but here are some facts you might not know about the monstrous reptiles.


Crocodiles Sweat Through Their Mouths

Often crocodiles will lie by the side of a river with their mouths wide open. This is because when they’re too hot they sweat and that sweat comes from their mouth. Speaking of sweat, a lot of crocodile trainers will put their head into a crocodile’s mouth as part of a show, but if one bead of sweat drips from their own forehead onto the crocodile’s mouth, it’ll snap it’s powerful jaws shut.

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They Don’t Chew

Whilst crocodiles have incredibly powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth, they actually use stones to grind up their food once they’ve swallowed it. They eat stones from the river bed and use them to break food up so it can be digested easier.


Herons Eat Them

Baby crocodiles have many animals to fear but perhaps none more surprising than the heron. It’s hard to image a simple bird taking down a crocodile but a small infant is nothing more than a tasty snack for the feathered fiend.

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They’re Huge

Okay, so everybody knows they’re big but did you know that saltwater crocodiles can weigh up to 1 ton? Imagine the power behind a beast that size.

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They Have Red Eyes

If you’re ever walking through the jungle at night and you have a torch with you, be on the look out for a set of red eyes. A crocodile’s eyes will glow red under the light.

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They’re The Best Biters

When it comes to biting power, there is not a creature on Earth that has a bite as powerful as a crocodile.images (2)

They Wipe Away Their Tears

Well almost. Because they work themselves up into a such a frenzy whilst eating, they have to push air out and their eyes can begin to froth causing them to wipe it away.